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HOW TO DRIFT: Drifting competitions consist of

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-14

To get a car to physically drift around a corner, the driver puts power to the rear tyres to break traction and swing around the rear end of the car, whilst still accelerating the car forward through the turn. Using the throttle, precise steering and subtle braking, the driver maintains the drift around the turn and guides the car to the next turn.

Of course, drifting isn't just about getting around the track - the look, the style and upgrading the drift car is half the fun of being involved with the drifting lifestyle! Fabulous graphics, deep-dish wheels, loads of chrome, fat exhausts and wild, unique styling are all part of the show.

For some car fans, the driving and skill is what's important to them, and showing off extreme angles while burning up a set of tyres around the corners is what gets a big grin on their face. For others, the clean and polish of a finely crafted machine is how they get their kicks, and checking out the detail and extent of customization on their own car or someone else's is what really gets them going! The beauty of the drifting and import racing scene is that it can easily accommodate both extremes of car nut: the driver or the detail geek

Things to do Before You Begin DRIFTING

Set up a cone in the middle of a safe area of tarmac. Drive up to the cone and rip the handbrake in an attempt to do a 180 degree handbrake turn. Practice this until you are no more, and no less than 180 degrees from when you started.

Learn how to counter-steer by ripping the handbrake from a speed of 40-50km/h (anything less will cause an inadequate amount of momentum to get you around the cone) and trying to control the car to a destination until the car stops.

Increase speed of each of these things until you are comfortable

Try to do the 180 cone too.

Drifting with Rear Wheel Drive and Manual Transmission

Find a car with both rear-wheel-drive and a manual transmission. Ideally it should be a sports car with as close to a 50/50 ratio as possible, and enough power to keep the tires spinning is ideal.

Head to an open area (i.e. an enclosed racetrack) safely free of pedestrians and motorists and police!

Hand brake technique -

Accelerate and shift into a gear with room to rev. Second gear is generally used because it allows the widest variance of speed and is best for harnessing the engine's torque.

Push in the clutch.

Flick the steering wheel to the inside of the turn as if you were going to turn around it. While simultaneously pulling the hand brake.

Immediately put some pressure on the gas pedal, let out the clutch, and steer the car in the direction of the slide, using throttle to control the angle of the drift.

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