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by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-11

Driving method of domestic over ball mill:

(1) It is driven by synchronous motor; Large-type adopts low-speed synchronous motor to directly drive the small pinion of ball grinder, and the small pinion will propel the big geared ring to make the ball machine rotate. Its advantages are of high transmission rate, low coverage size, easy maintenance and improved power grid rate coefficient, but the most is pretty expensive and needs direct electricity current.

(2) It is driven by asynchronous dynamo pinion speed lower sand maker machine. As for large and middle sized ball grinder, it will adopt asynchronous driving method. The pinion speed lower machine drives the small pinion and big geared ring to rotate the whole equipment. Its characteristics are that it cost less, but a whole complete set of big-size speed slower equipment is necessary.

(3) By asynchronous machine triangle belt. Small sized device uses asynchronous machine to put the tooth tyre in motion by way of triangle belt, but it has such disadvantages as low transportation capacity, big coverage size and complicated repair.

For foreign equipment:

They are mainly using the following three methods:

Firstly by way of little bit sized tooth tyre and big tooth ring; secondly central promotional mode, that is to say, the motor drives the prolongation part of the hollow shaft neck by way of the speed lower, and the last but not the least, the rotator is directly installed onto the prolongation part of the barrel or the hollow shaft neck, the determinant is fixed onto the ground, thus forming a so-called 'gearless promotion'. For the time being, the hammer crusher machine adopts super low speed synchronous motor whose rotating speed is just the same as the whole equipment so that it is suitable for devices with rate more than seventy-five hundred kw.

ball mill:

sand maker:

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