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by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-19

Inspect Tires regularly

Do you know that many road Personal Injury Car Accidents in UK are caused by punctured car wheel? One can lose personal injury car accident compensation claim if they are at fault of not replacing and servicing before taking on their journey. Drivers should always consult the vehicle manufacturer's book regarding inflating and taking proper care of them. Remove all stones and all types of sharp objects off the tires. Cuts, lumps and bulges are not permissible. Make it a habit to wash the regularly. They should be free from traces of oil or grease. Many tires give good grip on the road if they are wet. However, a driver should maintain slow driving when the are wet. Check the pressure and air on regular basis. See that valve caps are not missing, as that will lose air from the tires. Always take the tire to a specialist, for repairs. Never attempt repairing the damaged yourself. Make sure that the repair complies with the British Standard AU159.

How can defective tires affect Personal injury Claim?

Damaged and worn out tires can badly affect car's steering, braking and acceleration. Damaged steering mechanism, ball joints, skidding, patching and bearings can affect life of a tire. Too much patching of a punctured tire can cause serious car accidents. Pace reduction due to skidding and patched will not let the vehicle grip the road. Apart from this, unaligned tires will add to wear and tear. Tires should not expose cords, if they do, switch them otherwise, do not take the car on the roads.

Know your car Tires

It is important to know the type of tires that one's car has and to take care of them accordingly. Most common tires used in United Kingdom roads are radial ply and self-supporting, which provide a limited run time after a puncture. Mixing different types on same axle is not only dangerous but also impermissible. Many personal injury car accidents occur due to usage of mixed tires. You can get details about appropriate type on the car doors as well from a dealer's shop. Make sure that the tires meet UK standards by checking if they have AU144e mark on them. Using illegal tires can get you into penalty instead of winning compensation claims for injuries.

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