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Having a child provides a host new joys, challenges

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-08

The market is filled with various strollers and prams engineered for performance in various levels of workout intensity. Any legitimate jogging stroller , or 'baby jogger', has three large inflatable tires, the front one being fixed.

The fixed front tire allows for serious, high-speed running, yet may not be the best option for trips to the mall, supermarket, or other public places where frequent turning or maneuvering in close quarters or aisles is required.

The frame of a good jogger will be sleek and lightweight, and the top-of-the-line models will be made with rust-proof aluminum alloy. Also, quality suspension and shock absorbers are needed to ensure the comfort of the child.

Some high-level models have adjustable shock absorbers that can accommodate a wider range of child size, preventing the need to buy a new stroller as one's child rapidly grows. Other luxury items and features to look for on more expensive models are ergonomic, comfort-molded handles, water-bottle holders, a fender over the front tire (to prevent mud and water splatter), no-tool assembly and folding, all weather covers, sun-canopies, and an included tire pump.

If an active parent is looking for a model to accommodate light jogging or walking, there are basic joggers that can be found for around $100. However, these entry-level models will likely have plastic rather than metal parts, and tube-fitted rather than welded design.

For serious, fast-paced jogging, the price range for a reliable model would raise to a range of $250-$400, with top-tier models pushing towards $1000, though many times the more inflated prices have more to do with brand names than differences in quality.

Ultimately, a new parent should make a decision based on the frequency and intensity of the activity desired, the portability of the model, the quality of frame and design, and of course, affordability.

A used model may be a good idea for those seeking to not overspend while maintaining high standards of quality, but a buyer should be thorough in ensuring their purchase is in good shape, ideally with an in-person inspection.

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