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Getting the perfect tires for your bikes is not

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-20

Performance in the sand

If you ride in the sand, you need to get paddle tires that are made to give you ultimate sand performance. To be able to ride in dunes without tipping over, a rider needs tires with the right amount of paddle. They should also be wide enough for stability. When it comes to sand traction, one cannot take chances by randomly picking tires. Your safety comes first and while you are at it, why not have fun too?

Are you riding for sport?

For sport and race riders, you need to obtain tires for this purpose. These are available with an open tread pattern that cleans out quickly in the sand and mud. This enables the bikes offer high performance enabling you to spend more time on the road.

What tread pattern to use?

The pattern of the tread depends on what surface you intend to ride on. The pattern you will choose for your street bike is not same as that you will take for your off-road adventures. Riding in a rocky or muddy surface requires that you get deep treads. These are usually designed for uneven surfaces.

Durability of the tires

Knowing the tire ratings for your bike is important. They give handful information about how to handle your bike. For example, what is the maximum speed you can use, what's the maximum pressure you can subject the bike to and the maximum load it can withstand. This will ensure that you do not overwork your tires and they are guaranteed to give you long life service. This information about the tire ratings is available fromyour dealers.

The brand of the tire

Yes, the brand is important. There are those tires just designed just to serve the purpose but not give you quality service. There are renowned brands like Sedona, Maxxis, Michelin, Mickey Thompson and Pirelli tires. All these may offer different shapes and patterns of treads for different purposes but you may be assured that whatever your choice is, their quality is promising.

When you bought your bike, there is a purpose you intended it for. You may have wanted to commute to work, ride during weekends, compete in sports or take occasional adventure to the country. Well, it is important that you know that the requirements for these tires are different. Also, for safety purposes, you may require installing a bib mousse to your off-road bike tires. This keeps the bike stable even when you incur a puncture in an off-road ride.

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