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From the 1st of November the law that provides

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-27

TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems) will became compulsory for all the new vehicles, according to the European law, starting from November 2012. These instruments are meant to warn drivers when tyre pressure is under the optimal level, which might cause even very serious problems and threaten the safety of those who drive, as well as cause a a significant increase in consumption. A car having flat tyres consumes up to 4% fuel more. And that is not all: the duration of tyres that do not have the right pressure can reduce by 45%, which makes it necessary to replace tyres more often and consequently causes more significant costs. Apart from the reduction of costs and consumption, flat tyres are also one of the causes of many car accidents.

It was to avoid some car accidents that in 2008 the TREAD law was introduced in the States. The law provides the obligation of installing TPMS on the new vehicles; at the end of the Nineties, indeed, in the States there had been many accidents and rollovers caused by bad tyres.

And now it is Europe's turn: the decision to make the tyre pressure monitoring system compulsory, in the Old Continent, was also motivated through safety reasons, but above all by environmental reasons. As above-mentioned, indeed, flat tyres cause a more significant fuel consumption, which means that tons of CO2 are entering the atmosphere.

In addition to the advantages in terms of environment, road safety and cost reduction, the law providing the compulsoriness of TPMS will also help tyre dealers, which might find a new, interesting source of income. This will be one of the main themes of Brityrex International 2012, which will be held in Manchester from the 9th to the 11th of October 2012. What is certain is that in order to have some advantages from the entering into force of the law, tyre dealers will have to get equipped and invest in the necessary training and instruments, but costs are not supposed to be too high. Tyre dealers and retailers might get some benefits from the installation of TPMS in three ways: replacing the batteries of TPMS, with the maintenance of valves, and with the repair and replacement of damaged valves.

If you think that in the future the number of vehicles equipped with TPMS is going to increase a lot (nowadays one car out of ten is equipped with this type of system), it is easy to understand that this might bring new opportunities to the tyre dealers that will be able to seize this opportunity.

To sum up, from November 2012 the new European law concerning TPMS will cause changes, and these changes are expected to be positive from different points of view: from the point of view of drivers, who will be safer and consume less; from the point of view of tyre dealers, who will have the chance to have new forms of income; last but not least, from the environmental point of view, due to the fact that reducing consumptions also harmful emissions are reduced.

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