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by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-15

On top of the list are shock absorbers. Shock absorbers are responsible for dampening the springs' oscillations or repetitive movements to achieve balance and stability. It evenly distributes the seemingly unstoppable kinetic energy caused by accidental or unexpected collisions and bumps. They prevent jeeps from swerving and sharp turns, which, if nor moderated can result to fatal accidents.

Shock absorbers also come into different types. There is the standard shock that is often used by ordinary vehicles. Since jeeps are known to carry heavy luggage, it should have heavy-duty shocks to compensate with the vehicle's overall weight. Some dampers are also automatic. They immediately adjust according to the vehicle's weight. On the other hand, vehicle owners suffering from understeering, may attach overload shocks. There are also air-shocks. However, this offroad product generally cater to

cargo trucks and ten-wheelers.

Another offroad parts sought by jeep owners are suspension lifts. Suspension lifts use springs that are often placed on the vehicle's front and rear end, allowing these vehicles to accommodate gargantuan wheels and tires. Moreover, it delivers better ground clearance since the vehicle's height is increased. Like shock absorbers, suspension lifts come in different forms. There are small lifts that provide a 1.5 increase; medium lifts that guarantee a 2-inch height advantage and of course, there are large lifts that deliver

a maximum of 4-inch height increase.

Meanwhile, there are also specialized offroad tires whose main functions are

determined by the type of road encountered by drivers. There are paddle tires that enable a vehicle to pass through muddy roads, swamps and even sand dunes. These are highly capable of cleaning itself. There are likewise mud tires known for their track patterns, which, in return, prevent jeeps from sinking into the mud. Aside from that, offroad tires are also designed to maneuver over snow-covered areas. Needless to say, they are referred to as snow tires.

From shock absorbers to offroad tires, another offroad part sought by jeep lovers are roof racks. Once installed, they provide enough vehicle space for the driver and passenger. Baggage that occupy the jeep's space are simply mounted into roof racks- talk about maximizing space and having additional storage.

Jeep owners may also consider adding running boards into their big toys. This is most especially true for those who used suspension lifts. With the height increase, mounting the vehicle becomes difficult. But with running boards at hand, such problem would never come into place.

Customizing one's vehicle to achieve better performance is indeed, necessary. Yet, this does not necessarily mean to consume all offroad products in the market. Such approach is pretty expensive. Know which of them directly address your needs and demands to avoid wasting too much time and money for car accessories that hardly fulfill its expected functions and purposes.

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