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First of all, what keeps a person safe in an automobile

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-02

Brakes are especially important in cases of an emergency stop or to avoid a potential threat on the roads that could cause an accident. Seat belts will hold a person in place due to a violent movement by the vehicle. Obviously airbags and bumpers help to shield an individual from an impact. A leaky exhaust can fill the car with unwanted amounts of carbon monoxide, which in large doses can be fatal. Windows and mirrors are your eyes on the road, if you can't see properly you are not safe. Obviously a faulty engine can pose all sorts of dangers.

Tyres however, are a leading cause of accidents and injuries. It may sound silly but, if a person's tyres burst on a major motorway going sixty to eighty miles an hour, the vehicle can careen across multiple lanes. The vehicle might also veer into others that are driving, sending them to an uncertain fate as well.

Generally, the depth in the grove of the tyre is illegal below 1.6mm. The tyre is still unsafe even at 3mm and it is recommended to change them as soon as possible. The problem many people have faced due to the strained economy is buying high quality tyres that last. Instead, they have started to buy cheap quality tyres to ease the economic crunch. But, substandard tyres are known to crack. They are also prone to drying out due to inconsistencies in the amount of rubber used and metal used on the radial.

Everyone is trying to save money. But to save money by buying discounted tyres could cost a person so much more in the long run. If proven that tyres were below regulated guidelines and an accident occurs, a person might face prosecution for this if anyone was injured as a direct result of illegal tyres. Also, in the unfortunate case that a person is injured or even killed in an accident caused by using cheap tyres, the party involved could not only be sued civilly by people who sustain injuries as a result of this, on top of their criminal prosecution.

In essence, it may not be that cracked tyres need to changed immediately if they are surface cracks that are not deep however, this is a sign of degradation of the tyre and that they may need to be changed shortly.

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