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Finally the winter is gone and spring temperatures

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-23

Seems like a lot of work and it really is, but it is important to do it because safety is crucial. You don't want to go out with an unsafe bike and jeopardize your life and the life of the one riding behind you. So I'll give you basic guidance on what to do before you go out for the first ride. We'll start with the equipment because I assume you keep it in the house and some of the items will need more time to dry.

Cleaning The Equipment

There is a difference in the suits they can be leather and textile and the cleaning methods differ. Most textile suits are machine washable, therefore you won't have any problems with them. Just read what the label says and follow the instructions. As for the leather suits, gloves and boots you'll have to make more effort because although it is extremely durable material leather is also demanding and requires special attention.

I assume you've cleaned the suit after the last season was over and conditioned it at least once during winter months. In case you aren't it is time to do so, you'll need leather cleaning solution, conditioner, saddle soap and wet wipes. With the wipes it will be easier to clean the dead insects form the leather without forcing them in. In most cases that is all you need to clean the suit, but if there are some major stains better use saddle soap.

It not only cleans but also moisture and condition the suit. Nevertheless i recommend additional conditioning, especially if you neglected to do so after the end of the last season. That way there will be no risk of tearing the suit while you're on the bike, because believe it or not it is under tension. I almost forgot to tell you, seek special conditioner for leather suits, because if you apply the commercial ones there is a risk you slip off the seat.

Cleaning And Checking The Motorbike

Once you're done with the suit it is time to clean the rest of the equipment. The procedure for the gloves and boots is the same just make sure you lubricate the zippers. As for the helmet, the task is a little tricky because you may need to paste the visor and thoroughly clean the air ducts. the inside of mos helmets is very easy to clean, all you have to do is remove it and put it in the washing machine.

Once you're done with this it is time to move on to the bike and make sure everything is in order. Again if you haven't thoroughly cleaned it at the end of the season make sure you do now, remove all the diol and dirt build ups. Check the condition of the brake pads, the chain, the suspension, replace oil, the air, oil and fuel filters. Now as I think about it better go to a specialized shop and the technicians there will be able to tell you if anything needs repair.

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