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Finally, the cold weather is leaving, the roads

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-10

Treating Fuel

First things first, fluids. Chances are your motorcycle has been sitting around for quite sometime without running. What this means is that there may be some settling in the different fluids within your bike. The fluid most affected by this is the gasoline that is left in your motorcycle after the previous riding season. Gasoline will start to break down in as little as 60 days after no activity. This means that if your motorcycle has been sitting around for more than two months without being driven, there could be some buildup of sediment in the tank as well as the fuel lines.

There are a couple options for treating the leftover gasoline in your tank. One option is to treat the gasoline with a stable product, which prevents long term breakdown of gasoline. This should be done immediately after the riding season is complete. Another option that you have is treating the gasoline with a fuel system cleaner. You can use a fuel system cleaner in the first couple tanks of gas in the new riding season. This should help clear the fuel system of any sediment that may have built up over the period of inactivity. One other option is to siphon the existing gas in the fuel tank out after the riding season is complete, and replace it with new gasoline once the new season approaches.

Changing Oil

Fresh, clean oil is also needed in order to keep the engine components of your motorcycle running smoothly. You should consider changing your oil once the riding season is complete as well as just before the riding season is about to commence. This will ensure that your motorcycle maintains a fresh oil supply in order to properly lubricate the internal components of the engine.


The safety features of your motorcycle are just as important as the actual engine because of the fact that they help keep your riding experience a safe one. The lights of your motorcycle should be operational at all times in order to make you visible to others on the road. Ensure that all lights on your motorcycle are working properly and replace any that aren't.


Inspect the tires of your motorcycle in order to see if there is enough tread left on them to provide proper traction. If upon inspection you discover that excessive wear has greatly reduced the amount of available tread on your tires, then you should replace them before the riding season.

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