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Every driver should know how to change his or her own tires

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-11

To change a tire, a driver simply needs to safely jack up a vehicle, remove the hubcap, remove the old tire, put the new one on, screw it back on securely, and then slowly lower the vehicle off the jack. There are a few things that can make this process difficult, such as when the vehicle slips off the jack. All vehicles contain clear instructions in their manuals for safely placing a jack.

A car jack should also only be used in a safe, flat location or there's a possibility that the car will slip off. Hubcaps can be a bit tricky to remove in some situations, too, but in general, replacing a tire is one of the easiest regular maintenance tasks associated with car ownership. The problem is that some drivers assume that since tire removal and replacement is such an easy process, removing the tires from the rims themselves should be similarly simple. As many drivers find out, this is not the case. Taking tires off of rims isn't nearly as easy or foolproof as a simple tire replacement.

To remove a tire from a rim, a car owner must cut through the tire and bead with a hand kit. This can be expensive if handled incorrectly. For instance, Eurotech wheels and other aftermarket wheels need to be exactly matched to each particular car model, and permanent damage can occur if a driver isn't used to removing the tires from Eurotech wheels. Eurotech wheels should be replaced by a tire expert, as this will lower the chances of damage to the Eurotech wheels and will only cost about $20.

Eurotech wheels and other aftermarkets should be carefully inflated and installed. A car with improperly fastened Eurotech wheels could become more of a launching pad for those Eurotech wheels than a functional car and drivers might be suddenly surprised to see their expensive Eurotech wheels rolling down the road ahead of them.

Regardless, tires are simple to change, provided that drivers follow the instructions in their vehicle's manual, and while changing the tires from the rims of Eurotech wheels may be significantly more complex, it's not beyond the grasp of the majority of drivers who are relatively handy. With both tires and wheels, it's important to remember that proper nut tightening and jack replacement are essential for safety purposes. A little bit of care goes a long way when completing these types of car maintenance tasks.

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