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Due to this it's all too tempting to cut corners

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-01

I'm a driving instructor so I'm used to buying tyres. In fact I can say with some confidence I used to dread having to buy tyres, even if I only needed one. You always have the danger of tyre damage in this profession as well as high tyre wear due to the fact you're on the road all day and every day you work. Damage can come from hitting the kerb, brushing the kerb can cause the tyre to be torn and the ever increasing potholes in our roads are a constant threat.

Up until 6 months ago as I type, I had a Vauxhall Corsa. So, a small family car you would rightly think. Yet still my tyres used to cost me 85 each! If I needed two or more then that would result in me having an upsetting week. Yet these were still cheap compared to most. For example if you have a low profile tyre say on a BMW, you can easily be looking at 250 - 300 just for one. Other similar makes and models would be the same.

he problem with tyres as with anything that gets worn or broken on your car, it has to be replaced and there's no getting away from that fact. Luckily I recently made the decision to change my car to a slightly smaller one, a Renault Clio. When I went to replace a tyre I had one of the happiest experiences at a garage I have ever had which was the realisation I was going to have to pay much less than expected! My tyres were now 14 inch, and opposed to 15 inch, and one tyre was now only going to set me back 43, nearly half what I was used to. I will never use a larger car to teach in. Small cars have many benefits that parts and tyres will always cost you less, and fuel economy is far improved. With times as they are these are so important and explains why manufacturers are bringing our smaller cars faster than ever and they're getting snapper up with great speed.

The problem with people trying to cut costs when their tyres are so expensive comes with the temptation of Part-Worn tyres. You will often see signposts on sides of roads eagerly advertising cheap part-worn tyres. You wouldn't be blamed for thinking they were safe to buy, but you would be very wrong indeed. An investigation has taken place where 50 part-worn tyres were tested by an independent technician. The tyres came from a mix of retailers including online and high street. Amazingly and worryingly, only 1 of those tyres were deemed to be safe for using on the road.

The UK has strict rules on part worn tyres, including the fact their origin needs to be easily traceable, yet these were missing form all of the tyres. To the untrained eye these tyres will look almost brand new yet they are a potential death trap. They were found to have poorly repaired punctures and even hidden cuts where thread was showing. If these were to burst whilst you're travelling at high speed, which is likely, it could prove fatal.

If you're worried about the cost of your tyres then buy a small car, don't take the considerable risk of buying part-worn tyres.

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