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Driving using a trailer is not that taxing, however

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-17

So with this in mind, here are nine tips to remember to make sure you have a safe trip in your Skoda and feel a bit more relaxed and confident when towing the trailer.

1) Firstly, you need to check the manual. Most caravans or trailers have a manual or maybe just a safety sticker on the side, which will tell you what size car you need to safely tow your trailer. You should also check the Skoda manual as you don't want to overload your Skoda's engine.

2) Next, check the trailer to see if it has a hitch package. This package is a facility to connect the electronics of your trailer or caravan to your car. This type of package is a necessary feature because it supplies the power to lights of caravan or trailer, which then alerts other drivers to your road presence.

3) Before you set off take the time to test what you can see from your window. This could involve buying mirror extensions to ensure that you can see the camper and also to let you see any vehicles that are behind you or at your side. A serious crash could not only ruin a holiday but could also cause some serious damage, so be careful.

4) Before you put the key in the car you should have an inspection. This should involve a thorough inspection of the trailer fittings and connection points. This should include: checking tyre pressure, checking that the hitch wiring is the required length to account for turns, attaching the equalizer and stabilizer, ensuring that the caravan or trailer is balanced and adjust the trailer tongue so that it is in the correct position.

5) Before setting off have a thorough inspection of all of your cases and belongings. This is so important because you don't want to be driving along, get to your destination and then find all of your plates on the floor and shattered into millions of pieces.

6) Don't speed down a hill or steady decline. Switch to a lower gear and then gently go down the hill, this is the only real way to deal with inclines and declines in the road.

7) During reversing you need to be patient and be extra careful. In the event of steering then any adjustment of the steering wheel can damage the trailer or caravan and make the tow bar inoperable.

8) You need to change your driving style to avoid tight and abrupt turns. If it is possible you should change your driving style so that steering adjustments can happen ahead of time, if you do this then it will ensure that you stay a lot safer during your trip.

9) Finally, if you think your Skoda is not really adequate for towing then perhaps you should consider leasing a more powerful Skoda instead. For example, I recently found a Skoda leasing deal that was more appropriate for my driving holiday.

By following the tips given above you should have a really enjoyable time as part of your next holiday, irrespective of where you plan to go.

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