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Driving on snow-covered roads is not same as driving

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-17

Snow reduces the friction between the surface of the toad and the tires of a vehicle making the surface slippery always keep in mind that melting ice is still slippery. It becomes difficult to negotiate the vehicle on such a surface. One should be properly trained and equipped to negotiate a vehicle on such a surface. While driving on a snow covered road memorize some tips:

First thing one needs to remember is not to negotiate sharp turns at a high speed. This can cause the person driving the vehicle lose control over the vehicle and cause it to skid leading to a possible accident.

Secondly Keep the survival kit with you having candles, matches, sleeping bags (or blankets), first aid kit, pocket knife, energy snacks and also dark colored clothes with you to use as a flag, if you get trap. Keep warmers with you for emergency.

Third replace the windshield wiper blades and make sure that you can see, also check the anti icing fluid. Remember don't use boiling water it will crack your wind screen.

Forth check your headlights whether they are working or not? And also check the road conditions.

Fifth keep warmers with you. Put extra key in your pocket for the emergency use.

Install the snow tires. Let someone know that where are you going and what will be your arrival time. Also, on a snow covered road, while crossing a traffic light immediately after the lights have turned green keep the acceleration slow. At slow speed the wheels get to roll without slipping since inertia of the vehicle is greatest in the beginning. This inertia helps to increase traction between the wheel and the snow-laden road surface. Soon after the car starts rolling the pedal of the accelerator can be pressed to make sure that a collision is avoid with a vehicle coming in a hurry from the rear. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Remember that trucks take longer to stop.

Coming to the part of being equipped, the biggest problem that arises due to snow is the loss of friction between the wheel and the road. To take care of this problem, there are tires that are specially manufactured for driving on snow-laden surfaces. These specially built tires have specially designed treads to increase traction and give a better road grip. Pay the extra attention on the bridges, small roads as well as flyovers. Also, the rubber used on these tires is different. It is softer and one that does not harden due to the cold temperature. Some tires also have studs on them. Despite certain disadvantages, these tires are considered definitely better than all season tires. For regions with long winters it is best to have these specially built tires on the vehicle.

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