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Driving on ice is a reality that most drivers

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-16

First off, it is important to note that you must always be alert whenever driving on ice. Keeping alert helps you to keep wary of black ice o the road, as this is almost invisible, being transparent on the road. Such areas can only be noticed when you keep alert for areas with a slight sheen or even discolorations on the road. With this, you can rest assured that you will drive safe and see the areas to be wary of on the road.

In winter, it is never recommended to speed. Speeding increases the possibility of your vehicle going off control if you happen to pass over these patches f black ice that might be on the road. In areas prone to having these patches, it is recommended that you travel in a speed that you can help in accurately stopping. To achieve slower speeds when running over patches of black ice, it is recommended that you let off the foot on the deceleration and only increase speeds when you are done with areas that have these patches.

Keeping calm is also an important factor; as at times, you might happen to run over these patches of black ice and you slightly feel a slight loss of control of the vehicle. In most circumstances, there will be the instinct to panic but the best advice is to keep calm and keep your hand firmly on the road. Make sure that you do not brake or even turn the vehicle sharply, as this makes the situation worse than it was.

When in areas with patches of black ice; it is important that you remember never to brake hard if you need to slow down. Ideally, it is good not to work with your brakes when slowing down the vehicle, but to rather use the downshifting gear to reduce the engine speeds. This saves you the hassle of controlling a skidding vehicle that might result from the use of using brakes on the vehicle.

Keeping distance between your vehicle and the next is always recommended. The greater the distance allowed the better, as tailgating on icy roads is extremely dangerous. This is because the road condition is poor and the driver of the car ahead might brake suddenly, making you to hit him, due to the close distance and the poor state of the road, as the vehicle is at a higher risk of sliding. Finally, ensure that you get snow tires or all weather tires for the vehicle, as this considerably increases your vehicle's handling.

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