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Driving is dangerous, whenever you are on the

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-01

Causes of Road Debris

There are several things that may cause road debris. One of the largest contributing factors is simply weather. The wind can blow many types of things onto the roadway, including branches, dirt, and other natural plant objects. A simple wind can blow up dirt and other particles making it difficult to see while driving. Natural disasters can cause all types of debris to end up on the roadways.

Another contributor to road debris is people in general. People can throw things out their window, such as papers or other trash. Additionally, large and small items alike that are being transported may simply fall off the automobile, causing a hazard in the road.

Types of Road Debris

As mentioned above, dirt, twigs, branches, and trash are all types of road debris that can be attributed to nature and humans. Other types of debris that a person may encounter on roadways while driving include rocks, stones, pebbles, concrete, glass, nails, screws, different auto parts, lumber, construction supplies, and tire treads.

An accident on the road may cause a vehicle to be left in the road or different pieces of the car such as glass, tires, and plastic. Accidents that involve animals may cause an animal corpse to be left on the road.

Accidents and Road Debris

There are many different ways that road debris can contribute to an accident. The most common way is the debris causing a driver to swerve around the object and losing control of their vehicle. Some road debris may be kicked up from the tires of the car in front of another vehicle, causing the windshield in the following car to crack and break.

Large debris in a road may cause a driver to have to suddenly brake or switch lanes quickly, which can increase the risk of colliding with another vehicle or another form of debris along the side of the road.

There are some roads that are highly susceptible to falling rocks and mudslides. When driving on this type of road it is important to pay particular attention to the chance of falling rocks and to adjust your driving accordingly.

Road debris in all of its forms is estimated to be a factor in over 25,000 crashes each year. Many of these crashes and accidents could be avoided if people take the time to make sure that their loads are secured properly. Avoid throwing litter out of car windows and when driving in dangerous weather conditions slow down and be careful.

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