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Driving across the city or across the country

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-25

1. Use the latest road maps available to plan your route, specifically when you go for a long road trip. It will be fuel efficient by traveling on a four lane highway than traveling on a two lane highway. Also you can maintain a constant speed on four-lane high way. Use bypass roads if you are traveling to via major cities.

2. Avoid aggressive driving during the winter as you may loose your control of your vehicle even in the best road condition. Also it consumes fuel a lot.

3. Leave more space between your vehicle and the one in front of you to avoid hard braking. Do a defense driving to protect yourself and your family. You can drive according to the road condition and the things happening ahead of you. Do not try to race to stop the head lights of other vehicles.

4. A well maintained vehicle is highly reliable during the winter as it is very difficult to face any roadside breakdown with your family especially during the dead winter. Sometimes it may lead to a dangerous situation.

5. In fact, cold weather is hard on a vehicle. It will make the engine to work hard in order to get the maximum of operating temperature and to move the car down icy, snow covered roads. The fuel consumption will be high when the engine works harder. Also it will generate more emissions when it consumes more fuel. Hence, you should maintain your vehicle in a proper condition.

6. You should check the condition of fuel filters, battery connections, engine belts, tires, brakes, cooling system, the air and spark plugs. Also it is good to check all the fluid level before you start your trip.

7. Carry the emergency road kit such as emergency flares, extra oil and anti freeze, drinking water, and blankets. You should be well prepared before you start your trip.

8. Especially on the deep sand, use higher gears and drive with constant speed. Don't spin your wheels and don't stop till you cross the deep sand.

9. You can prefer starting your drive afternoon during the winter as the early morning is snow is hard and impassable where as you there will be soft snow in the afternoon.

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