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Drive Position truck tyre pattern suitable for driving wheels of medium / long-haul truck and bus running on good road. Mixed highway and freeway, drive position heavy duty rib tire for on/off highway application. Special tread compound design for lower heat build-up, excellent puncture and cut resistance and minimized gasoline consumption. Super steel belt carcass construction enhances casing strength and maximizes tire load capacity. Excellent load capacity and super abrasion resistance, tear resistance, high wear resistance. Reinforced bead and body to strengthen the puncture resistance, tear resistance.The open type groove design has a good self-cleaning ability. Big deep block provide strong traction and breaking power.Open groove and bottom design given excellent self-cleaning performance Reinforced bear and body to strengthen the puncture resistance,tear resistance. Suitable for driving wheel position on good road condition and non-paved roads. Mixed pattern design provide strong traction and braking power. Longer block pattern design enhance the ability of anti eccentric wear and the abnormal wear. Five deep grooves, multi blocks & tiny kerfs on the blocks assure a firm grip.

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