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Different seasons call for different kinds of

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-20

I remember that it was last summer when I bought my vehicle from my favorite Edmonton used car dealer. Summer season is coming again, and with it comes the blistering heat of the sun, which is something that either people run after or run away from.

Everyone looks forward to the summer season. No matter how old we get, it still represents a more carefree part of our existence. But being car owners, we should also be wary of some hazards involved in driving a car under the scorching summer sun.

The Used Toyota Edmonton dealers were gracious enough to give me a few pointers in proper car maintenance during the summer, so here are some tips on prolonging your car's life, and therefore making your summer trips even sweeter than before:

Do your tire checks

A car being what it is, it's quite surprising how much an element of nature can force your tires to just blow up under you. Extreme heat is never good for a car tire, since heat puts an undue amount of pressure on an otherwise reliable piece of rubber.

Follow up your fluids

Your car's motor oil is not the only fluid that you need to replace from time to time. The coolant in your radiator and the fluids for your transmission also may need a check up. Continued use also lessens their effectiveness as these fluids can get dirty over time.

Beat the heat!

Having problems with your air-conditioning unit? Don't wait 'till you get all red in the face before deciding that you need to have your air-con system checked. Summer also means the occasional outburst of rain, so to ensure that you enjoy a worry-free driving experience, it's also better if you check that those wipers of your car are working properly.

Shield your car

Your car needs protection from the blazing heat as much as you do, so upon a recommendation of my Edmonton used car dealer, try finding a spot for your car where you park it in a shade-laden area-be it a tree, a parking lot, or behind a building.

If such a thing is not accessible, a handy car cover will be your best protection during those periods of sun-exposure in the parking area. Car covers can also shield your vehicle from dust and other debris in the surrounding area.

Do a tune-up

Toyota dealers are unanimous in recommending a tune-up before engaging in a long trip. After all, you can never know if your car is going to break down in the middle of a dusty road. A worst case scenario if there ever was one.

Is it a coincidence that it's been exactly one summer ago since I got my vehicle from our Edmonton used car dealers? Who knows? But all I know that it's still in great shape, thanks to a few tips I got from these 'pros'. So to avoid getting your perfect summer plans ruined by a busted ride, do the sensible thing and have your car checked up now.

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