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Depending on your vehicle type, tire size, driving style

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-29

When upgrading to a higher performance tire, the easiest and safest strategy to tire performance improvement without upgrading the wheels is to upgrade to a UHP tire of the same tire size as stock. Here are some examples of ultra high performance all season tires sold today in different tire sizes.


BFGoodrich has expanded their sporty UHP All-Season g-Force Super Sport A/S tire line and also include a number of High Performance All-Season H- and V-speed rated tire sizes, targeting coupes and sedans with select 14' - 18' sizes.


The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus tire definitely lives up to the reputation providing a combination of all-weather performance and excellent tread life for performance vehicles.


Goodyear Eagle F1 All Season provides excellent steering response and overall traction in the wet conditions. This is a great UHP all season contender with plenty of wet and dry traction and responsive handling.


The Kumho ECSTA ASX combines UHP with the everyday needs of all season traction, low noise and outstanding ride comfort. Built specifically for demanding weather and road conditions, the ECSTA ASX uses the latest technology and has been engineered to deliver a distinctive driving experience.


Hankook VENTUS AS RH07 CAD are designed to handle great in wet conditions while welcoming a quite ride. A suitable Original Equipment (O.E.) replacement, these tires provide a comfortable, quiet ride plus all-season traction.

Remember, ultra high performance all season tires are for those who want the best wet and dry braking and handling. Winter tires are still best for the harshest snowy and icy conditions. And (in turn) Summer tires are not appropriate for snow or ice. For example, Ultra high performance summer tires may be appropriate only if you're willing to sacrifice all-weather versatility, tread life and price to improve your car's acceleration and handling.

So, before you buy, remember to ask your local tire retailer to help you with your vehicle fitment to find the right tire size and type for your car. To ensure proper tire, rim and vehicle fitment researching tire reviews along with your tire dealer should provide the best recommendation and replacement.

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