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Continental bike tires are not built by robots

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-20

The people behind continental tires have one goal in mind, and that is to manufacture an ultimate tire with respect to weight, quality and grip. The dedication and solid experience of the experts, it is not difficult to accomplish such goal.

Continental is known for its tires used in mountain bikes, for race tires, cyclo-cross tires, and for city/trekking and all terrain. Under the mountain bikes are several choices. These are for downhill and freeride, all mountain, XC/marathon, classic range, and specialist.

For downhill free ride, continental bike tires' Der Kaiser-The Emperor is superb. While inside the lab, it boasts of its profile design, casing angles and compound recipe. On the road, it easily navigates the muddy and rocky slopes of World Cup DH courses.

Der Kaiser is known as the new master of gravity with its double-walled casing with special soft and tacky black chili compound combined to make a DH-specific tread pattern.

For All Mountain ride, you should be ready for the Mountain King-the all-rounder. The mountain king reigns for all mountain uses with its 2.4 width. The new black chili compounds come in German supersonic and protection models for added speed and even more control. The tires and immediate tread is laid out for hard to damp bedrock.

For XC/Marathon, the continental bike tires' best choice is the Race King, as it is the new XC world cup champion. In the best way possible, the Race King presented itself as a talented victorious newcomer.

In 2007, the Irina Kalentieva, Topeak/Ergon took the first prototype to the podium at 2007 UCI World Cup championships. The Race King has a large volume casing mated to a low-profile tread pattern, which is known for its spells speed, and incredible all-round traction and control.

The Vapor 2.1 is the Enduro Specialist. It is ideal for Classic Range. Its GravityArc profile combined with the 2.1 carcass turns Vapor into a marathon tire. It is reliable, smooth-rolling and non-skidding on all surfaces.

The Gravity 2.3 is the Law defying continental bike tires for classic range. Experts believe that tires of 2.3 width are versatile, and can be used on low mountain trails and the alpencross.

It has a round tire cross-section that is typical for Continental, and the GravityArc tread that lead to a playful handling. The Gravity 2.3 can turn easily on curves, and sink its claws responsibly into loose surfaces.

The CrossCountry is a mountain bike Specialist for muddy trails. It is ideal for deep surfaces and mud. The CrossCountry continental bike tires sink in until firm ground ensures traction, making it possible to ride cyclo-cross races with MTB.

Just like continental bike tires, Michelin bicycle tires are also varied according to the purpose. It has tires for cross country racing, enduro racing, free ride down hill, cross country performance and cross country sport.

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