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Complaint against any enterprise serves as a feedback

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-13

JK Tyre has a tech center at Faridabad, Haryana. This tech center is engaged in product design, development, validation and industrialization. Then there is another research center Harishankar singhania Elastomer and tyre research institute at Hasetri for material and compound characterization. This research center is involved in machinery testing. For non destructive testing JK Tyre has Raghupati Singhania center for excellence of tyre and vehicle mechanics. Test track in Chennai, is for evaluation of tyres at most rigorous condition.

JK Tyres use Hyper Bonding Silica Technology for Tyre Manufacturing. This technique improves wear and handline, lowers the heat build-up and provides balance between wet traction and rolling resistance. This huge organization and its above mentioned multiple branches take care of quality and development of product.

To meet customer needs JK Tyre has set up a nationwide chain of franchised retail outlets. These outlets are branded as JK Tyre Steel Wheels. These outlets provide tyre sales and services. Approximately hundred such JK Tyre steel wheels are spread across the whole country. These showrooms facilitate and serve customers with high technology wheel servicing equipments like computerized air care, Tyre Rotation, Automated Tyre changing, wheel balancing.

Some customers have complained about customer care services. They said that it is difficult to contact the right person at time of any trouble, which delays the repairing or service of the vehicle. In response to that JK Tyre provided the customers with customer care websites and phone numbers. Customers can mention their complaints either on websites or on calls.

In rare cases damaged tyres also raised issues for the customers. Customers have not complained much against services provided by JK Tyre nor there have been issues related to treachery. Tyres are the base of any vehicle so it is important to do the proper detection before buying them for your vehicle. JK Tyre also provides their customers with car maintenance information, which includes tyre care.

They also hold seminars and workshops at various schools and colleges for safe driving and increasing awareness about traffic rules and regulations. JK Tyre by taking care of complaints on time keeps limit on the number of JK Tyres complaint by customers.

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