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Choosing car tyres is not always an easy decision

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-30

First of all, what type of tread is needed? Where does the motorist live and what types of roads and terrain does the car travel on? Dirt roads or gravel roads will need a better grip tyre, while a car that travels a lot of highway miles will need a harder rubber tyre that will last longer and be quieter than the mountain climbing tyres.

There are five main types of tyres for all driving conditions.

1. Standard or all season tyres. This tyre's name says it all. It is good in wet or dry pavement, rain or snow and has a harder rubber compound that gives the tyre longer life. The tread pattern also cuts down on the noise and allows a quite smooth highway drive.

2. ALL Terrain Tyres. This tyre has the best grip and is designed to tackle any mountain the motorist can drive on.

Its tread design is for handling gravel, dirt roads, mud tracks, and sand dunes.

3. Winter Tyres. These tyres are not the most quite since they have little metal studs in their treads for gripping into snow packed roads. They are used only in the winter but insure safety to the motorist under extreme slippery conditions.

4. Performance Tyres. These tyres are for the warmer climates where the pavement gets really hot. They are made of a softer rubber compound that grips the hot pavement, but handles poorly on wet or slippery roads.

5. Run Flat Tyres. This tyre is different from the others because it allows the motorist to drive for a while to safety if they have received a puncture to cause a flat.

Finding the best price for tyres isn't that easy but here are something's to take in consideration. The best deals come with package buying. Many dealers offer buy three tyres get one free, or buy four rims and get half price tyres.

Online tyre prices may be cheaper but there is a shipping cost and a lot of dealers will offer free installation or free mounting and balancing with tyre purchase. Some dealers will offer lifetime tyre rotation and balancing, so there is a lot to consider.

The most important thing to remember, whatever tyre is needed, proper maintenance is a must. Make sure the car's tyres are properly inflated and properly aligned, this will add to the life of the tyre and the safety of the passengers.

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