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Change of season is a great time to think about

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-01

Freezing temperature, salted roads and precipitation can damage the car easily if care is not taken. However, a routine maintenance can keep you out of trouble. Few things that one needs to take care of before and at the winter seasons are

Check the anti freeze

The antifreeze is an essential part for winter protection of cars. The car should contain 50/50 mix of water and the antifreeze. Many auto servicing stations check this mixture for free or you can purchase a tester for convenience. The radiator system of the car also needs to be clean and cool. With time solid deposits clogged radiators of cars. A flush can keep this system in well shape. However, you need to change antifreeze seasonally.

Inspect tires

Check the tread depth of tires before winter. If the depth is less than 4/32' it is essential to replace those tires. The tire should be ready to withstand these rough weathers. Along with tread depth check tire pressure also. In cold weather, normally cars' tires lose a little pressure.

Replace the wipers

Many people may ask what the functions of windshield wipers are during winter. Wipers are essential to clear the snow, slat and sand that may restrict your driving. To keep windshield clean and in shape it is important to have proper wipers. It is also crucial to check washer fluids from time to time to keep the windshield sparkling. However, do not fill the washer fluid reservoir with any other liquid. Any other liquid may freeze easily in winter.

Maintaining automobiles yearly

Take your car for an annual maintenance also. Much of these auto repairs hazards can be avoided if timely maintenance is done. There are certain things that are taken care during auto maintenance. These are

Cleaning batteries

Treating batteries regularly can keep away germs from it.

Inspection of brakes

Brakes should be well functional all the time. Otherwise it will be difficult to avoid accidents.

Checking your Engine Oil

This inspection should be done monthly.

Inspecting plug wires

Cracked plug wires will affect performances, reliability and mileage of your car. Ensure that all things are in perfect shape before taking out a car.

If you are concerned about the safety issues of cars in cold weather, you may also seek some advice from experts. They may suggest how to maintain your car in best possible way during winter season so that it is well functional and you do not have to face the trouble of car breakdown when you are heading for an important work.

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