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TIMAX Car Tyre, includes HP, UHP, C-LT, SUV, AT/MT, LT, Snow Tire series, size from 13' to 24', more than 200 sizes to meet the semi steel tire market demand. TIMAX tire takes the lead in choosing Nano composite: Tire Tread: Anti Static, wear resistance, High durability, fast curing; Tire Shoulder: High Durability and fast curing; Bead: Durability, Fast curing. TIMAX Qualified Designing: 1) Increase number of cords, and strengthen belts 2)Increase quantity of carcass cords with thicker liner 3)Side reinforced nylon chafer and thinner bead filler 4)Hexagonal bead to strengthen the bead core and restrain the shape change. Our tyres Use the top “PPA” (Pattern Performance Analysis ) simulation technology to calculate noise to ensure low noise. TIMAX car tyres adopt the world-class bead curve design technology to ensure reasonable contact pressure between tyre and rim, so that effectively solve technical problems such as tyre slip, assembly difficulty and air leakage, also the special curve design in tyre shoulder, with bigger curvity radius ,  bring better comfort ,high speed, more endurance and handling performance. TIMAX car tyres use the FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to simulation analysis the tire tread Ground trace and tire inner stress, evaluate and optimize the tire structure and performance at design stage.

TIMAX car tyre holds all the Quality Certificates needed to support its business in more than 150 countries: American DOT, PLI and UTQG Data, European ECE, Labeling, REACH, S-Mark, R117 certificates, Middle-East GCC, SASO certificates, Brazilian INMETRO certificate, SONCAP in Nigeria, CCC, I SO-9001 certificates.

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