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Car tyres designed with the sporting motorist

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-26

Currently, a number of leading manufacturers are focusing upon car tyres that offer a lower rolling resistance. The reasons for this are not hard to see because even the least technically minded person can appreciate that car tyres which require less effort to move them mean not as much engine power is needed. The clear and obvious benefit of car tyres with lower rolling resistance is that because less engine power is used then less fuel is also used. Reduced fuel consumption of course means more miles per gallon which means lower costs for the motorist with the environmental benefits of lower emissions.

All manufacturers of car tyres have their own preferred technologies to reduce rolling resistance and for the motorist 'you pays your money and takes your choice'. However, whilst some manufacturers are offering car tyres with narrower section width, others are offering designs using different construction materials, rubber compounds and tread patterns. It's well worth looking at these competing claims for car tyres however because these factors can make a material difference to such things as wet braking performance and stopping distance as well as grip, traction and handling characteristics.

Of course there are other ways to beat the recession but in the field of car tyres, most of the emphasis in the near future is likely to be based either mostly or entirely on cost due to the continuing difficult global economic circumstances. Nevertheless, low rolling resistance is only one solution to the cost equation and cost in use for example can be reduced by making car tyres that last longer by means of so-called 'positive tread wear characteristics'. This undoubtedly reduces the lifetime cost of a set of car tyres but this may be at the expense of performance and may not necessarily reduce fuel consumption. However, if the cost advantage is significant, this may outweigh other considerations.

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