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Car hire companies usually waive of some of these

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-02

1. Proper documents

Check with the car hire personnel about the required documents for the car you are hiring. The car registration papers are essential as proof of ownership by the rental company. Insurance papers are a must. A copy of the car hire agreement is very necessary in case of an accident. There are some municipal certificates or tax receipts which should also be available to the hirer in case of being stopped by the traffic police.

2. Inspect for damage

It is necessary to have a good look at the inside and outside of the car you are renting. Scratches and bumps in the fenders should be pointed out. Insides should be checked for working lights, air conditioning and music systems. It should be verified if all the accessories are in working condition.

3. Tyres

Safe driving depends on good tyres. Take a look at all the tyres including the spare wheel. The tread should not be worn out. Any doubtful tyres should be replaced by the car rental agency. In winters it is essential to have snow tyres. Insist upon these.

4. Insurance

Proper insurance cover is of extreme importance. Even a small accident can lead to heavy penalties for the driver of a rented car. It is good to have car insurance for your private vehicle which covers even rental cars. This results in great savings in car rental fees. The temptation to drive without insurance in order to save money should never be taken as an option. It can prove very costly in the long run. If the rented car gets damaged then the agency will charge you even for the days it is being repaired.

5 GPS/Radio

GPS or Global Positioning System is a marvelous aid for people who travel on a rented car. One can program the entire trip at home and load it onto a USB flash drive. Then one can plug it into the GPS system of the car and get a superb guide for the entire tour. A radio on board allows one to connect with emergency services and the car rental agency. These are a must although they may add a little more to the bill.

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