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Car change our lives, it has brought us great

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-18

An instant, China has a sudden change in the desert from a vehicle in the world's second-largest car producer cars, the people who's car was fully aroused enthusiasm out of cars quickly from the 'luxury' change to 'necessity', Development fast is raspberry. However, entry in 2005, China's auto industry growth rate significantly slows. Do not overlook the use of launch x431. From a macro policy control to the lending interest rates, to the traffic bottleneck from the oil crisis, the premium from the insurance deductible up to once again close to tariff reduction, from its own production capacity expanded to the influx of foreign capital, multiple elements constitute such a history inflection point. China's auto industry how to walk the road ahead has become the focus of discussion.

Fault diagnosis is to find the cause and site analysis, judge, and the procedures. Car fault diagnosis for the current method There are basically two: one is the experience of artificial visual diagnosis, the other is the equipment diagnostics.

First, equipment diagnostics. Equipment diagnosis is not disintegrated in the automotive assembly context instruments securing equipment vehicle performance, and Guzhang of Information Parameter, also with the normal car Jishuzhuangkuang compared to give technical performance and fault diagnosis Jie Lun. With electronic information and computer technology applications in the car, car fault diagnosis equipment has improved steadily, more and more sophisticated equipment used in automotive fault diagnosis. Equipment fault diagnosis speed and high accuracy, and can find hidden faults, but also to predict the service life of components assembly.

The second is the artificial experience of diagnosis. Diagnosis of artificial experience is practical experience with the inspectors feel and observe, through a simple tool, the dissolution or partial dissolution of car not the case, through to ask, seeing, ears, hands touching, nose sniffing the method, the performance of automotive technology and qualitative fault diagnosis, the specific approach is: Is: The 'three-throttle' slow speed from the engine through the idle, the engine speed to high speed inspection of technical state; by hard acceleration check engine acceleration; the use of speed glide test vehicle chassis assembly components abnormal stationary engines idling check, while leveraging off the fire, off the engine oil test abnormal sound. Inquire car mileage, usage and maintenance of the recent situation, such as fault omen. lexia3 is also very important. Seeing: To examine the observation car of the oil spill, leak, leak, leakage sites; the instrument signal work, exhaust, deviation, jitter and turn the engine rocking and so on. Ears: the police to listen to the engine sound at various speeds, carburetor backfire sound muffler Dodo and put guns, engine knocking, and unusual percussion sound. Hand touch: the failure of parts of the temperature of touch, vibration, each with part of overheating, bearing tightness, assembly parts Songkuang, diesel engines and other high-pressure pipeline of the pulse. Nose sniffing: sniffing car running in the special issue of odor, such as the burning clutch smell, smell the burning oil is not normal, the circuit such as gum line charred smell.

In the vehicle during use, to come into a lot of difficult issues, and common problems are in fact many cars can solve yourself, the following describes some common causes of the car and the simple approach.

Engine can not start for two main reasons: Check distributor, spark plugs, high voltage lines, etc. Is it because of rain or car washing and damp; approach: turn off the vehicles will be part of the mechanical damp to dry and then starting the car. Check the battery voltage is sufficient; treatment: use of connecting cables and other connections for temporary vehicle battery power to start the vehicle.

Shift when the vehicle stalled, for two main reasons: the engine idle speed is too low; treatment: According to the condition of the vehicles will be adjusted to correct the idle gear gear on. Idle cut-off valve is not tightened, the plug off; Also note mb star role. Treatment: If the idle cut-off valve or the connection part of the plug off, can be re-plugged.

Vehicles traveling on the steering wheel shaking, the main reasons are: whether the vehicle's tires are sticky mud, stones and other debris; treatment: Clear cracks in the rocks and tire paste the debris in the wheels. Deformed by the impact the tire or wheel weights fall off; treatment: To avoid potential safety problems, distortion of the tire should be replaced, and the nearest auto repair shop to find a balance block installation.

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