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Buying a used car may be a dreaded situation for

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-01

There are a few simple things you can look for or find out about the car prior to making a decision to discuss price. These factors will form a list of what to check when buying a used car, carry this itemised list with you if you need to, after all, it's a lot of money to risk on the word of someone who may be biased.

The first thing you should do is use the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN number) to do a full historical background check on the car. You can do this before even seeing the car if you speak to the vendor and ask for this number. There are websites that will give you a report; this could keep you from wasting a lot of time. This Vehicle Identification Number should be in the car documentation and will be the same as the label at the base of the front windscreen. If these values are not consistent or the label appears to have been tampered with then it's suggested that you don't continue with the sale.

A complete historical report on the car will tell you if the car has been involved in any accidents and if it has been stolen or salvaged. In addition it will show if the mileage has been manipulated as well as other valuable specifics. These values are critical when purchasing a used car as it allows you to evaluate potential problems with the vehicle.

Secondly, examine the paintwork on the car. The colour should be constant all over; repair work will stand out as the colour will look fresh. If the seller has held back information about repairs noticing details like this will help you establish whether the owner is genuine. Lopsided panels could also trigger that something isn't quite right.

The idle rev count can indicate a potential issue if it goes higher than just under 1 when left idle. Turn the engine on then leave it alone for a bit to see what the rev counter shows.

If the car has been re-sprayed it could mean that the vehicle has been in a traffic accident or if it has been stolen. Check over all the rubber seals as this is where a re-spray will be most obvious. If you notice something that does not sit right with the paperwork be very cautious about handing over your money.

Open all of the side doors to make sure that they close and lock correctly. Do not forget to check the hood and boot as well!

Some rust might be expected on an old car but it's best to check in and outside of the car as well as the underside for areas where rust may be an issue.

Some tyres can be expensive to replace so it is best to check that the tyres meet the legal requirements for wear and the depth of tread. An uneven tyre wear pattern could suggest that there is an issue with the vehicle. The tread of a tyre must be 1.6mm all the way around.

The mileage clock should match the figure noted in the log book and this should also match the general wear and age of the car. If you believe that the odometer has been tampered with you should not go through with the sale.

Leaks can be hard to notice particularly if it is a sunny day but touch and feel the upholstery for any signs of damp. Don't forget to look around the spare tyre as damp and leakage may be more visible here.

Leaks can also occur underneath the vehicle so it is a good idea to check for anything visible. Unfortunately a dishonest owner may have patched up any leakage but if you go a bit early to your appointment you may catch sight of clean-up work being finished.

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