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Bicycling or rather biking, is a healthier, smarter

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-27

But the question is, which bike should one go for? A road bike? A mountain bike? A hybrid bike? And then how does one go about with the fitting...? The questions seem to be countless, especially if you are a newbie! It may even daunt an experienced rider at times.

So it all comes down to the imperative decision of making the right choice, as purchasing a bicycle is a long term investment. You cannot just go ahead and buy a bike like one would for a cauliflower from the vegetable section! It is a process involving meticulous thoughts and reasoning of your needs infused with your sense of liking.

Thus one should begin with knowing the different kinds of bikes available in the market, which is importantly, in sync with ones needs like the terrain to be traveled on, the usual weather prevalent in the area of commute, and other things worth noting. In general, there is a colossal list of bicycles that are in existence and are used but only a few are usually used by people all over the world. A few of them are mentioned below:

1. Town Bikes:

These bikes also known as 'Dutch' bikes are usually made for town, which is a no-brainer.

A ride around the town, in your lane, in the alleyways, to the store or just for leisure commute - a town bicycle is the best choice for a person. Easily available and even easier for short commutes. The chains are fully enclosed thus keeping mud grime at bay. This allows for a smooth & reliable ride.

2. Road Bike:

A road bike is perfect for the paved roads, the ones made of tarmac simply because of the features it sports. Comes usually with thin tires, a frame that is lightweight and the handlebars make you bend over and remain in that position. One can opt for this kind of bike if one has to travel for longer distances and at higher speeds because a road bike provides you with just what you need. But keep in mind, this is not made for the hard terrain like rough hills trails or the woods.

3. Mountain Bikes:

This kind of bike is for the ones who want it tough and sturdy simply because of the tough trails & terrain they ride on. The mountain bike features a tough frame, wider tires that can bear rough surfaces and do wear out easily after much use. This does not mean it could be used as a road bike for its built is heavy and cannot be maneuvered easily on the streets of cities.

Other bikes too are available that have other uses, which will be shared in the part 2 of this article.

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