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Autoreifen, a name invented to facilitate the

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-08

Tread which provides traction is supported by body of tire. A compromise in tread width and its material composition is made to reduce frictional losses with load transference. All weather tires including the Summer Tyres are a misnomer since tires designed for hot temperatures i.e. sommerrreifen are not suitable for winter as well as rainy seasons.

Tread lugs, tread voids, rain grooves, mud grooves and sipes play an important role in the type of tire design for a specific purpose. More rubber should be in contact with road for higher traction while softer rubber shall be required for easy traction though shall wear out earlier. Winter tires which are classified with mud and snow tires, usually posses higher void ratios to clear out rain water and mud. It also gives better gripping performance in mud.

Winter tires are designed to deliver smooth performance with tread composition softer than that used in summers though it wears more quickly. Installation of metallic studs though prohibited in most of the countries, provide additional traction power on icy roads. Wear bar of 1.6 mm thickness indicates minimum tread thickness required.

Radial tires give longer tread life associated with lesser rolling friction and efficient steering control but give a hard drive on rough roads. Solid tires are used in heavy earth moving equipments, lawn movers and skate movers. Semi pneumatic tires which are hollow but not pressurized find use in industry.

With almost numerous specifications and purpose-tyresare meant for such as cycles, scooters, motorcycles, passenger cars, speedy cars, formula one cars, buses, trucks, helicopters, airplanes, heavy earthmovers and industrial vehicles, these are manufactured almost in all nations by world repute companies in collaboration with local industries. Some reputed firms in the field are Bridge Stone, Good Year, Pirelli, Continental AG and Michelin etc.

Almost every manufacturing firm or its commercial partner has got its web site with details of their products along with specifications and prices. The suitability of particular types of tyresto a vehicle in working environment is decided by the manufacturer of the vehicle who specifies a product and alternatives to it. Only specified products should be ordered on line or through their stores located in almost all the prominent markets all over world. Always use Sommerreifen (aka Summer Tyre) in summers to get best out of it.

Cheapest and ideal ones should be the criterion in selection while making no compromise with quality. Remember wheel balancing is must before starting using the tyreto get maximum life from it.

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