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by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-06

Keep the Car's Exterior and Interior Clean

The car's overall appearance is prone to wear and tear, especially when exposed with the harsh elements of nature such as the extreme heat and harmful rays of the sun, or the moisture brought about by strong rains and snow. With this, it is a must to use a car cover when not in use regardless of the season. You may also want to apply wax or other protective coatings to your car's exterior. It would be best to seek the advice of a car expert to determine the brands or types of products that are best suited for your cars. This is the kind of protection that your car's exterior needs to maintain its sleek finish. More importantly, it is a must to perform a car wash on a per need basis, especially when the car has been used on extreme road conditions.

As for the car's interior, it should be protected against dust, dirt and other harmful allergens. It would be best to wipe a moistened piece of cloth with a cleaning solution to wipe off foreign particles that may accumulate on your car's interior, especially the car seats. You can also use a hand vacuum cleaner to be able to clean even hard to reach areas. Rags or mats should also be cleaned at all times.

Maintain the Wheel's Top Form

Mag wheels should be given with utmost care, thus proper cleaning should also be done. There are a number of mag protectors that can be purchased in the market today. These are specifically formulated to protect the car's mag wheels and prevent stains that can cause rusting in the future.

Tires are considered to be essential parts of your car, thus it would be best to ensure that proper tire pressure is observed at all times. You can measure tire pressure using a gauge and the recommended tire pressure for your car can be found on the user manual. Tires are good investments and it is a must not to under-inflate or over-inflate your car's tires as such conditions may potentially result to an unexpected accident while driving on the road.

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