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As the winter nights draw in, there is a need

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-18

With winter foggy roads on its way, the need of extra care and attention on the road is a must. The cold and damp conditions mean that roads can easily become slippery and dangerous so it is essential that our tires are in the best possible state to cope with this.

Travelling on dark or winding roads in the middle of winter after a fresh snowfall can lead to hazardous driving conditions. With a good set of winter tires we are less likely to lose control of our vehicle and more likely to avoid unexpected animals in our path or a sharp curve in the road.

Being driver or the owner of vehicles it is advised to check three key items to maximize safety on the road. Regular check ups of air pressures in the tires should be the priority to ensure they are inflated to the vehicle manufacturer's recommended levels. The condition of tires should be inspected to ensure that they are free from cuts, lumps or bulges.

The condition of a vehicle tire is of utmost importance. Worn or damaged tires can hamper our ability to drive safely. The best thing to do is to replace tires before the tread depth is the regulatory minimum of 1.5 mm. If the tread is worn flush with the tread wear indicators, it means the tire has reached its wear limit and must be replaced as it no longer provides sufficient traction in the rain or snow.

Ralson (India) Limited has one of the state of art infrastructure in the Bicycle Tires & tube manufacturers industry. Ralson is most trusted brand with 4 decades of manufacturing expertise. Under expansion plan Ralson has created an additional facility to manufacture Two Wheeler, Three Wheeler and farm tires etc. With latest technology adapted in the manufacturing and state of art infrastructure we are able to give a mammoth production. The factory in Ludhiana is spread over a sprawling 46 acres and employs a workforce of 4000 people.

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