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As the weather becomes warmer and warmer, people

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-22

How to prevent the dust hazard? There are six ways: Firstly, do not wear the colored glasses, but you can wear plain colorless lens. Secondly, turn on the fog light. If the level of visibility is less than 200 meters, drivers can turn on the fog lights, anti-glare dipped head lights, outline marker lamps and front and rear lights. Thirdly, clean the windshield timely, because sometimes the dust storms can be accompanied by rain and mud blocks the front windshield and severely affects the driver's attention. At this point drivers have to wipe off the sand on the front windshield in time, or open water switch and windshield wiper to clean the sand.

Fourthly, obey the traffic rules strictly. Driving in the dust weather, drivers are difficult to see distant objects and it is easy to have accidents if anyone breaks rules. Fifthly, try not to take the highway and control speed. The dust on the road will reduce friction between the road and tires, especially in the rain, the wheels are easy to slip and fall in dangerous situation. At this time the drivers are better to control the speed within 40 km and 30 km at night. Sixthly, closely observe the situation of pedestrians and non-motor vehicle. In the condition of poor visibility, the driver must pay attention to pedestrians on both sides of the road and non-motor vehicle case, and they have to beware of pedestrian and bicycle across the road.

How to eliminate the spring fever for drivers? This is a normal physiological phenomenon. But to the driver, it can reduce the person's reaction and response capabilities, and become a road safety hazard. Especially now there are more and more highways and road conditions are good, it is easy for the driver to become drowsy because of the almost same road situation.

Drivers have to ensure adequate sleep and pay attention to rest before moving. Try to avoid nightlife to prevent the fatigue. Do not smoke inside the car and smoking has no effect in refreshing. Although nicotine in the smoke has excitatory effect on the nerve in the early period, it has inhibited function in the later period and makes attention and memory gradually decline. Carbon monoxide in the smoke will reduce the oxygen capacity of red blood cells and cause anoxia.

Therefore, people should better place safety in the first place. Choose the good weather to travel out and avoid the inconvenience the weather brings.

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