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As one of the many car enthusiasts out there I

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-11-10

The format of this article shall be as a mini questionnaire and aims to give the readers some basic knowledge in what to look out for. It shall cover topics such as the way you drive, the pressure of your tyres and lastly it shall talk about the tread of your car tyres.

Ok, without further ado lets move on to question number one:

1) When driving, what can affect the condition of your car tyres?

1.The radio volume being too loud?

2.Dirty windscreen mirrors?

3.Sharp turns and heavy breaking?

That's right; the answer is C sharp turns and heavy breaking. You see, when you are driving along the road your tyres are in constant contact with the road surface. It is important to drive carefully and make sure you break slowly whenever you are stopping your car.

This will ensure that your car tyres will last as long as possible and will keep you in pocket too as you wont need to replace them anytime soon!

Ok that's the first question out of the way, I hope you done well. Let's move on to our next question about tyre pressure.

2) Where can you find the required pressure value for your car tyres?

1.Under the Christmas tree?

2.On the roof of your house?

3.In the cars manufacturers guidelines?

The answer to the above question is of course answer C In the manufacturers guidelines. You will have been given these when you purchased your car and will display the specific value you should inflate your car tyres to for your own specific car.

Well I hope you are doing well with this fun quiz, now lets move on to tyre tread next.

3) What is the required depth for the majority of car tyres?




Well hopefully that's 3 out of 3 for you because the answer to our last question is C 1.6mm. You can manually check the depth of each of your tyre treads to make sure that they are road safe; to do this all you need is a metal rule to check the depth of each of the grooves of the tyre. If you find that your tyres tread is lower than 1.6mm then it is time to get new ones straight away.

Well that's the end of the tyre quiz I hope you learned something new from this. It can't be said enough that the checking of your tyres will actually save you money in the long run and in some extreme cases can actually save lives. This is because a safe set of car tyres greatly reduces the chances of any accidents happening on our roads. If you need more information like this go to cheap car tyres. Happy driving everyone!

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