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As I mentioned in an earlier review on babystroller-systems

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-22

Two for One

Most dedicated jogging strollers have a locked, stationary front wheel - great for stability when jogging, bad for cruising around the supermarket or mall. The Baby Trend Expedition LX comes ready for action with a front wheel that swivels for everyday use and locks when ready to get in some mileage. Its steel frame construction makes it both lightweight and super sturdy which means you don't have to worry about taking full advantage of the all terrain capabilities of the 16' rear tires and 12' front tire. Blazing down the trail or cruising through the mall - these mountain bike-like tires are up for it.

Safety first

Not only is the Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System functional as an everyday baby stroller, it has enough safety features to keep your baby nice and secure. Along with the stroller itself, you also get the top rated fixed back car seat with EX Flex-Loc base. Tether straps and a fully adjustable 5-pt harness ensure your baby is extra snug. The stroller even comes complete with reflectors to make sure you're visible for a dusk or evening jog.

Noted Features

Things to watch out for

The Final Word

While there are better everyday strollers and better dedicated jogging strollers, the Baby Trend Expedition LX is definitely worth a look given its ability to serve as both an all-terrain/jogging stroller and quick errand runner. I haven't heard many negative reviews on it - you can read more reviews for yourself here. Amazon has a pretty decent price if you're ready to buy or you can check out more baby stroller reviews and be the judge for yourself!

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