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All Terrain/ Mud Terrain tyre specially designed for providing super driving force, grips, anti-skidding, excellent handling.It's the best choice to challenge hills,mud,and snow. It enhances the performance of grip and sport, for on or off road use. The tiger-teeth tread blocks provide super overland performance, the cut resistance compound improves mileage much. 3D tiger-teeth tread blocks provide excellent grip for both on and off road. Mixed grooves improve grip in mountain, mud and snow conditions. Irregular grooves deliver grip off road and super overland capability. Different depth lateral grooves reduce noise and improve strength of tread blocks. Special cut resistance compound. Specially enhanced shoulders prevent damages. Double or triple casings improve strength a lot, meet the demand of the worst condition. Protecting dam and rough design on shoulder improve impact resistance and durableness. It is bringing you excellent handling, super stability and comfort, providing sporty passion and driving qualit.

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