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After nine consecutive races making it to the podium

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-07

A lot of expectations arose with the great streak of defending champion Sebastian Vettel during the celebration of the German Grand Prix this past Sunday, July 24th as he was after his 10th consecutive podium of the season and first time ever victory in his homeland.

But the 24-year-old Red Bull Racing driver wasn't the only one for whom high expectations were set upon, since many were talking about Ferrari's recuperation leaded by Spaniard Fernando Alonso. In the previous GP disputed at Canada and Great Britain Alonso finished second and first place respectively.

Not the same attention was being given to English Lewis Hamilton from McLaren, who until here had only won one race this season, the China GP, but had the experience of having won a race at Nurburgring motorsports complex back in 2008.

If it wasn't for Vettel's outstanding record much more would have been said about his teammate Mark Webber, who marches in second place of the 2011 F1 Championship standings. The Australian has been present in six out of nine podiums in the season, and despite not having won one of them, his regularity is quite impressive.

These four drivers clinched the first four positions of the grid during the qualifying races with Webber in first place, followed by Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso.

With the new Pirelli tires used this season passing had been increased, therefore those positions where hardly going to stay the same during the race.

Up to this race Red Bull had proven to have the fastest car, one that up to here had not experienced real problems in comparison to rivals like Ferrari and McLaren. In the last two races the Italian 'secuderia' had showed significant progress, and for the German GP they believed their F150-I was finally in the same conditions as the RB7. So did McLaren, whose engineers felt that the MP4-26 had finally evolved into a competitive car to fight for the first place in the second half of the season.

Since the start of the race Hamilton showed the full potential of his MP4-26 by snatching No. 1 from Webber, and Alonso confirmed Ferrari's progress by passing Vettel to take over No .3. The outlook for the defending champion was not looking good at all, considering that for the first time in the season he was not occupying a position in the podium.

Vettel then suffered another setback at the boxes, where Brazilian Felipe Massa passed him and controlled the fourth place until the last lap that the German was able to recuperate No. 4. If he didn't close a better race much of it could be attributed to the issues he experienced for the first time in the season with the KERS and brakes, which considerably dropped his performance.

Like Vettel, it was also a disappointing race for Webber, as he couldn't defend his first place and ended up falling to No. 3 behind Hamilton and Alonso, putting into evidence once again his struggle to lead a race all year long.

Hamilton won his second race of the year after China, and moves to No. 3 in the championship with 134 points, adding more pressure to the to the Red Bull duo that lead the standings with Vettel (216) and Webber (139).

The next GP will be disputed at the Hungaroring Circuit in Hungary on July 31st, a racetrack that suits Red Bull's profile, where good results will be expected from them to put an end to this middle season micro-crisis that has allowed Hamilton and Alonso (130 points) to be back on the fight for the title.

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