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A simple bike drive can be sometimes a very gratifying

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-25

First, check your motorcycle before you drive it. I presume you take good care of it; it's your baby, besides your girl. Verify your mirrors, lights, horn, oil, signals, fuel, controls and don't forget the tires. Gear-up your armor and helmet and prepare to ride.

Bikers get into accidents too often because they lose command of their bike. Loss of control is mainly because of ground surface conditions and shunts. But if you leave enough room between you and the automobiles in front and behind, you'll avoid most shunts. With surface condition it's different, because sometimes you can observe the mud or oil spills from the ground and sometimes you can't. However, you have hints for some of these. If there are motortrucks on the route there might be diesel leakage, if you see construction grounds there might be mud. Driving in poor weather condition is challenging enough so you better have your tires on a good pressure level or you could become a new youtube motorbike crashes star.

Overtaking is some other challenge for any rider; you should be able to approximate the speed and distance while riding a motorcycle that you're used to. With a different motorbike you should take some time to determine the way it reacts to breaking and accelerating in various gears. Try to avoid overtaking when you're close to joints, pedestrian crossways and turns. For each overtake you have to view everything around you so don't presume the route is empty upwards. Drive cautiously on rural roads. You most likely did your training on a town route. Some twists become more tight to a greater extent than you'd expect so lose some speed before the turn.

Send signals to the other drivers and avert spots where people can't see you. A motorbike crash can materialize easily only because a truck driver didn't see you. Use visible apparel and a headlamp. Motorcycle riding is a risky sport and you have to sweat a little if you want a secure drive. No pain no gain. Only as long as you do it, you'll feel the satisfaction of driving at minimum risk with zero motorbike crashes.

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