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A properly chosen set of car tyres in Belfast

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-29

Is it time to replace your tyres?

Inspect your tyres thoroughly for signs of extreme wear and cracks in the tread and sidewalls, bulging or change in colour. If more than seven years old, replace them even if they look alright as rubber loses its life when exposed to oxygen.

Check your car

Look for uneven wear on the tyres which could be an indication of problems with suspension and alignment. Make sure your car's shocks, suspension and alignment are perfect before fitting it with new tyres. If not, the tyres will wear out much earlier than they were meant to.

You can request your Belfast tyre centre or regular car mechanic to professionally inspect your car to assess its condition. To identify the best tyres for your car, check the owner's manual for size specifications and the type of tyre.

Understand the spec code

The number is on the sidewall of the tyre and helps identify its specifications. The sequence can look like this 215/60 R15 94H where 215 is the width in millimetres. 60 is the width to height aspect ratio. R indicates that it is a radial and 15 is the diameter in inches. 94 shows the load capacity which will decide the maximum weight it can carry. H is the maximum speed the car can handle.

Your Belfast tyre centre can help with choosing the right tyres for your car. The choice is as follows, based on your usage:

Make sure that you ask questions and understand the features of your tyres based on the code on the sidewall. Your new tyres must be similar to those specified in the manufacturer's manual. If planning to upsize, ensure that you do not compromise on safety and handling.

Get all four

Rather than replace only the worn tyre with a new one, it will be kinder on your suspension if you replace all four at once. This will lead to better maintenance with good handling.

You will find cheap car tyres in Belfast when you shop online since most manufacturers have a detailed website. Remember to get tyres that are closest in specifications to the originals. Now is a good time to also check your spare. While getting the final price request to know the cost of fitting the tyres, VAT, balancing tyre valve, etc. Once the tyres are fitted to the rim, they must be balanced to avoid vibrations.

It is normal to make your choice based on your budget. Talk to your Belfast tyre fitter to find affordable options that do not compromise on performance and quality.

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