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A car without tires is never can be a called a car

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-10-04

How is this possible? Freedom Eco Tire Shine is a water-based silicone emulsion. It is a unique sensory feel and lubricity. It has ability to utilize a silicone material in water-based form for easy processing. It is a good emulsion and dilution stability and is easy to dilute and apply. Silicone emulsion enhances shine and gloss. For Car Polish & Dressings purposes it offers protection, weather resistance, gloss and spreadability this is the main ingredient why Freedom Eco Tire Shine is perfect for your tire care. Leather surfaces are not missed out in Freedom Eco Tire Shine. Rubber and vinyl are also greatly clean and shine. Tires are the most dirty part of our car and mostly the dirt that attach to it are hard to detach. With Freedom Eco Tire Shine just a spray and rub to the desired surface with a special microfiber towel that holds 9times its weight in water the dirt will wash away themselves from the surface. There is no pail of sweat that runs in your forehead sicne with a little effort cleaning your tires is a no delay when it dries in about 20 minutes. This Freedom Eco Tire Shine is for interior purposes too. This non-greasy Freedom Eco Tire Shine is likewise contains non solvent properties.

A surprising product that doesn't have harmful chemicals that may harm your skin or your tires. In instances that you over sprayed just an easy wiping done it. Marvel more because Freedom Eco Tire Shine is a protectant that guards your tire against damaging UV's and assures you a shine you'll love. The sun nowadays surely gives worries that it might cause harm to our cars be it in the engine or the outside surface on the contrary your worries are paid back with guarantees that the tires of your car are well-cared-of in a waterless way. One important thing to watch for is the surface of your concern to be clean. If you see that it is too soiled or sandy DO NOT USE Freedom Eco Tire Shine on this surface. You must remove first the coarse particles before using Freedom Eco Tire Shine. Achieving high polished tires are guaranteed. So much is tackled about the care for our tires but what about our surroundings? Mother Nature shouldn't be neglected even though we aim for our satisfaction. Freedom Eco Tire Shine is 99% biodegradable! Freedom Eco Tire Shine gives only the best care for your tires and no harm done to our precious environment.

So now is the time to make a move in giving the care for the tire of your car in a waterless, minimum effort and time-saving car wash.

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