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A car's tires are critical. Worn or damaged tires

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-09-10

The most critical thing to do to ensure tires are safe on the road is to monitor them for wear. It's quick and easy to check the thread depth with a small ruler or even a coin. The absolute minimum depth to drive on is two 32nds of an inch. If an American penny is used to check thread depth, some of Lincoln's head should always be covered. If the top of his head is visible, new tires are needed urgently. Thread depth should be measured in a few spots on each tire. Tire threads are essential for stopping and for keeping the car under control on wet roads.

Tire pressure should also be checked regularly with a tire pressure gauge. These are small and inexpensive tools that are easy to use and read. Some models are roughly the size of a thick felt marker pen. Every glove box or roadside emergency kit should have a basic tire pressure gauge, and every driver should know the correct pressure for their tires. Many filling stations have air hoses where drivers can put air in their tires themselves, and tire service centers are usually happy to do this as well, which means a professional will make sure the air pressure is correct.

They should also be rotated regularly, roughly every 7,000 miles of wear or whenever the car is in for an oil change. Rotating them regularly will ensure even wear, which means safer driving as well as prolonging the safe life of the tires. Wheel alignment should also be inspected regularly, and it can affect the life span of tires if the wheels are not aligned properly. Wheels can be knocked out of alignment by causes as significant as an accident and as minor as rough road surfaces.

Keeping tires in good shape not only prolongs their life, it can prolong the life of the driver and any passengers as well. It can be tempting to try to save money by putting off replacing tires, but it simply is not safe. And it doesn't make sense when a few minutes a month spend on proper tire maintenance will prolong the safe life of tires and give car owners real peace of mind. Nearly everyone can learn to check tire thread depth and air pressure, and most tire service centers are happy to do this as well so there is no reason to neglect it. All cars need regular oil changes, and that is a perfect opportunity to have the wheel alignment checked and the tires rotated as well.

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