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1st, what are the characteristics of winter tires?

by:Tanco Tire,Timax Tyre     2020-08-19

The main function of the tire driving force is transmitted to change the direction of travel and bearing the weight of the vibration buffer, etc., and the safety performance of the tire largely depends on its ability to grip and stability. Cold winter weather and icy snow inevitable phenomenon, car owners often have difficulty walking on ice and snow distress. To a normal car, driving safely, of course, inseparable from the normal functioning of the ti-re features. So, we take a look at the tire under low temperature in winter what are the characteristics of it!

Main grooves deeper, wider;

Tread softer texture;

Blocky tread pattern was arranged, vertical and horizontal integration;

More horizontal, laterally supportive shoulder;

Tip owners: dedicated snow t-ire shoulder design to make it a stronger t-ire transverse and lateral support, could reduce skidding on the snow surface.

2nd, Note the use of winter tires?

Cold winter temperatures, relatively hard rubber at low temperature environment, brittle, and therefore directly affect the tire pressure is appropriate life and traffic safety. Tire pressure is not too high, but more can't be too low. Pressure is too low, the tire wall will fold curvature increases, coupled with the low temperature is easy to make the rubber tire wall fracture; pressure is too high will reduce grip. Pay attention to check whether each tire inflated balance. You can also consider replacing the tires of the vehicle in the winter as winter . The summarize what precautions to use winter tires.

Check the tread depth. Tread wear reflects wear;

Check whether there is uneven tire tread wear or other abnormal symptoms, such as the emergence drum kits, cuts or cracks;

With the tire pressure to the outside temperature changes moderate adjustment;

Detection of tire pressure, winter driving is not too high nor too low t-ire pressure;

In addition, owners Tip: To timely replacement of worn out larger and different patterns of different brands of t-ires, tire change position regularly to ensure traffic safety.

3rd What are the factors that affect t-ire life?

Tire life and tire installation, working pressure, maximum speed, tire temperature, chassis condition, road conditions, driving habits, tire maintenance, vehicle maintenance and other aspects of the factors, it is difficult to precisely one tire life how many years, how much mileage. However, the tire pressure is too high or too low will certainly reduce its service life.

If the t-ire pressure is too low, the radial deformation increases, excessive deformation of the tire wall on both sides, resulting in the tread shoulders and wear phenomenon increases the temperature of the t-ire, it will seriously reduce the life of the tire. If its pressure is too high, the rigidity of the increases, the deformation and the ground contact area decreases, so that the middle of the tread unit to increase the pressure, increased wears.

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